My Expertise


I am intervening at a fascinating intersection in business - that point where business personality and business innovation meet. 


 - Are you curious to spot which bliss talents are yours and how they shape and mold your humor, free-thinking and foresight?

- Are you ready to face how your inner optimizer junkie and your standardisation fanatic knock out subtle innovation of your business?

Then compelling journeys to a behavior repertoire that will throw thought doctrines and behavior stereotypes out of balance are waiting for you to embark. 


You will enjoy how I introduce you to fearlessly approach

- paradoxes and contradictions;

- mind games and time travels;

- challenges for your sensorial perception and your feel for language;

- unburdened idols and imaginary characters.  

bliss rendezvous

designed for clients who are curious of having a first rendezvous with their business bliss.


as your mentor I will show you how to brush business ideas the wrong way without loosing the plot. 


testimonials of mentees

on my LInkedIn page 

bliss quests

designed for clients who´ d love to let their business bliss already speak through their products and services.


as your innovation shrink I will encourage you to apply your bliss qualities as a business strategy. 


bliss matches

designed for clients who are in search for unconventional business partners, capable of beating mainstream` s supersaturation. 


as your talent hunter I will assist you to check the bliss potential of candidates of your choice.